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 Mojo Stormstout

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Mojo Stormstout
Pandaren Elite Guard
Pandaren Elite Guard
Mojo Stormstout

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PostSubject: Mojo Stormstout   Mojo Stormstout Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2007 8:07 am

Mojo Stormstout is a famous Pandaren who is very knowledgeable about Warcraft lore. He knows everything about the Third War, including military strategy and comprehensive knowledge of taxonomy of the Warcraft Universe's inhabitants. He has published his research in a book called Mojo Stormstout's Strategy Guide. He is an avid cartographer. He has many maps of battle grounds, stretching from Azeroth to Outland. He is a life-form taxonomist. He has compiled a database of living creatures on Azeroth, including Northrend, the Maelstrom and Ashenvale. His collection of data extends to Outland, including the Black Temple, as well. He has studied the movements, magic and attributes of most creatures. He also has vast knowledge of the taxonomy of the life-forms of the Scourge, Alliance and the Horde and others. He is a military tactician. He knows the best military strategies for the armies of the Scourge, Alliance and the Horde. In particular, he knows different tactics based on the opposing force.
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Mojo Stormstout
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