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 About pandaren society

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PostSubject: About pandaren society   About pandaren society Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2007 7:50 am

Pandaren society has changed from its origins. Where once the Pandaren were a mighty empire, standing proud beside their night elf allies, now they are a simple people who want only peace and a safe home. Yet the world is a dangerous place, and only through an acceptance of the violence that comes with life can the Pandaren continue to prosper.
Pandaren society is, in many ways, compartmentalized. At their core, the Pandaren treasure peace and creativity. Most Pandaren are poets and singers, and the craftsmen of their culture are truly revered. The danger of their lives, however, has necessitated the evolution of a class of warriors to defend those ideals - it is these warriors, from the simplest pikeman to the great shodopans, who ensure that Pandaren culture survives.
Even the lowliest Pandaren is capable of defending himself, using the fangs and stubby but needle-like claws that are a natural part of his body. All Pandaren can use these natural weapons to fight and hunt, as Pandaren grow up playing rough and tumble games meant to hone their abilities while learning the admonishments of their elders that such things are a last resort. In general, Pandaren prefer to use the weapons they craft, feeling that their natural weapons hearken back to a primal time.
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About pandaren society
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