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 About Pandaria

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Mojo Stormstout
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Pandaren Elite Guard

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PostSubject: About Pandaria   Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:37 am

Pandaria is a legendary place of bamboo forests and the mysterious Pandaren of the Pandaren Empire.
Once great allies of the kaldorei, the Pandaren ruled a great empire on ancient Kalimdor. But as the night elves began to delve into the arcane magics of the Well of Eternity, the Pandaren saw the danger and chose to break ties with the elves. Leaving their own lands behind, the Pandaren travelled across the seas and built crude but beautiful cities of stone and sturdy bambus reed on an island they named Pandaria. In time they became an empire. They have kept the location of their island a secret and most are content to remain there, with only the rare few Pandaren choosing to leave and see the outside world.
A splinter group of Pandaren arrived on Kalimdor in the aftermath of the Third War and has established a settlement in the Stonetalon Mountains of Kalimdor, but it's location remains as secret as that of their island homeland.
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Chen Stormstout
Pandaren Brewmaster
Pandaren Brewmaster

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PostSubject: Re: About Pandaria   Thu Sep 27, 2007 1:53 pm

i know where pandaria is, as the matter of fact orc zeppelins from orgrimmar pass over it every day. cept they cant see it from up there.
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About Pandaria
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