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 Our rules. You must respect them!

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Chen Stormstout
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Pandaren Brewmaster
Chen Stormstout

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Our rules. You must respect them! Empty
PostSubject: Our rules. You must respect them!   Our rules. You must respect them! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2007 1:34 pm

1. Never, NEVER, correct admin or his moderators. They have their reasons. Dont spam our private message boxes.
2. Being a member of Pandamonium is a privelage not a right.
3. Dont spam and when posting, remind to stay on topic.
4. SHUT UP! i wont make you an admin. if u wanna be one make a proper application and we shall think about that.
5. We will ban all advertisers so be carefull what you are saying.
6. Spammers - see rule 5
7. dont use similiar nicknames. Humans are a creative and sociative race. if your nick is taken dont just do this:
nickname <nickname> is taken
registered as <nickname118> - dont so anything like this bcuz ull be forced to change ur name
8. respect our rules. Very Happy

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Our rules. You must respect them!
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