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Chen Stormstout
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Pandaren Brewmaster
Chen Stormstout

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Welcome to our forum! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to our forum!   Welcome to our forum! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2007 7:25 am

Welcome to our forum!This forum is created for all pandaren and panda lovers. u do not need to be one to join, but then at least keep in mind that we love them and respect them. Those who don't like them and joined only to complain will be banned from the forum. Every advertising will be..."terminated" along with those who posted them. This forum is also a big friend of Aniwow, a WoW server to who we wish most luck on the top 10 list. There is a rule that is more important than others so ill say it here. Most people that join wanna be admins and moderators. Mark my words: THAT WONT HAPPEN! You have to be on our forums for at least a month. Not because i wanna torture you. Not because i think you are not good enough. It is becasuse i wanna get to know you, you to know me and much more. Remember that the pandarens are wise and smart. I wanna see if you could be one of them. Let them be your ideal. when you achieve that, then i know u r a good and trustworthy person I can rely on.

Yours, Chen Stormstout.
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Welcome to our forum!
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